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Cyst Removal

Bye-bye cysts. Hello healthy skin.

Cysts are home to dead cells. Get rid of them now!

Cyst Removal Surgery in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore | Skin Point

Cyst Removal


Cysts are small sacs filled with dead matter, and form on the surface of the skin. They can be filled with a fluid, hair, other material, or even air. Many a times, hair removal causes some follicles to get stuck in the skin, leading to bumpy cysts. There can also be other causes like an infection, or a blockage in the ducts. Like any other skin outgrowth, it is important to get a cyst diagnosed.

Cyst Removal procedure is done in 3 steps

Some cysts might get healed on their own in some time, while others will need clinical removal. The most common method is surgical excision. In the procedure, the dermatologist will first numb the area around the cyst. S/he might drain the content of the cyst before removal. Once it is done, the extra growth is carefully removed using surgery. In case the cyst is small, the dermatologist might not even go for a surgery, and just drain the dead matter and fluid out, and leave it to heal.

FAQs on Cyst Removal

  • Cysts are small bumps on the skin, which contain dead matter like swollen hair follicles, fluid or even air.
  • They can be caused due to blockages in ducts and infections. Oftentimes, cosmetic procedures like hair removal might cause hair follicles to get stuck and form a cyst.
  • They might cause pain and redness. They can also be harmful in nature, especially if caused by an infection.
  • If the cyst is small, your dermatologist might just drain the content after applying a local anaesthetic. However, a surgical incision is the most recommended treatment available. The exact procedure also depends on the kind of cyst you have (there are at least 10 different kinds!).
  • As it is a surgical procedure, it might cause bleeding.
  • Keep the wound covered and allow it time to heal. Take all antibiotics and other medications as prescribed by the surgeon.