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When just a salon facial is not enough

Try a medifacial if your regular salon facials don’t seem to be working

Medi facial Treatment in Ramamurthy Nagar | Bangalore | Skin Point



Medifacials, an amalgamation of medicine and facials, are the latest in the world of skincare rituals. They are the next step in the ladder if your regular salon facials don’t seem to be working on your skin anymore. Medifacials have become a routine for a lot of people, and rightly so, with so many deterrants to our skin’s healthy glow. Forget the sun, even your computer screens emit harmful rays that damage your skin.

Medifacial procedure is done in 3 steps

The main advantage of a medi facial treatment is that the products used are medicinally approved and appropriate for your skin. Further, the products used in a regular facial do not penetrate deep into the skin, while a medifacial does not have this shortcoming. Lastly, all medifacial procedures are custom-made for your skin. Depending on the type of medi facial you are getting done, the procedure will vary. However, all procedures lead to exfoliated, clean and hydrated skin.

FAQs on medifacials

  • Like the name suggests, medifacial is a combination of medicine and facial to help exfoliate, hydrate and clean your facial skin.
  • Firstly, medifacial is custom-made according to your skin, unlike a salon facial, which is generic. Secondly, the products used are clinically tested to provide better healing and radiance. Thirdly, the devices used make sure that the products penetrate deeper into the skin, unlike a salon facial where the results are only surface-level.
  • Think about the benefits of a salon facial – glow, freshness, supple, hydrated and moisturised skin, calm mind, smoothened texture, reduction in marks and lines, removal of tan, etc. Now, manifold the benefits. That’s medifacial!
  • The most important ones are to stay hydrated to retain the glow, and avoid the sun, or wear a good sunblock. Do follow any other advice your dermatologist gives you.