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Hair Transplant

Get a hair transplant for a fuller head

Tired of home remedies for hair growth? Get a fuller head with a hair transplant

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Hair Transplant


Most of us notice thinning of hair and signs of balding after a certain age. From oiling to using expensive regrowth products and applying masks, there is a lot we do to get our younger locks back. However, home remedies might not be that effective. If you are tired of trying anf getting nowhere close to your desired result, a hair transplant can be a saviour.

Hair Transplant procedure is done in 3 steps

In a hair transplant, a surgeon identifies an area where you have a lot of hair, and moves it to the area where you have less or thin hair. The first step is numbing the both the areas. After that, a small strip of skin is removed from the area with a lot of follicles. It is cut into around 1000 very small grafts which will be transplanted. After that, the area with less hair is numbed and small holes are created there. Lastly, the surgeon carefully places the grafts into the holes.

FAQs on Hair Transplant

  • It essentially means taking hair from a part of the head with a lot of hair, and placing them in the area where there is less or thinning hair.
  • The surgeon first removes a strip of the scalp from the area with more hair, after numbing the area. The strip is cut up into very small grafts, around 1000-2000 in number. Holes are created in the area where the hair needs to be moved. The grafts are then carefully planted into this area.


It should take around 6-8 hours, depending upon the number of grafts to be planted

  • Not exactly since both the areas are numbed with anaesthetics. However, patients might experience some pain post the procedure.
  • There are chances of bleeding due to wounds, and infection. Some patients might also experience trapping of hair inside the follicles, but that can be cured.
  • The transplanted hair falls out in around 4-5 weeks. Majority of the new hair growth is seen between 6-9 months after getting the transplant done.