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Laser Toning

Say hello to pigmentation-free skin with laser toning

Laser toning is a sure-shot method of getting rid of pigmentation and acne scars

Laser Toning Treatment in Ramamurthy Nagar | Bangalore

Laser Toning


Human skin is prone to spotting, pigmentation, discolouration and damage of all kinds. As a person’s age increases, a lot of these skin problems start to arise. Further, with the new-age lifestyles, the skin does not get proper vitamins and nutrients to maintain its glow. Add to it the increasing pollution, which directly affects skin and hair quality, among other things. If you have also started noticing pigmentation and other signs of ageing and skin damage, laser toning is for you.

Laser Toning procedure is done in 3 steps

Pigmentation and dark spots are caused due to excess melanin formation at some parts of the skin. These spots are present at a deeper layer of the skin, and not the top thinner layer. In a laser toning procedure, the cosmetician uses a device to target the spotted areas with low energy laser beams. The energy from these laser beams helps break pigmentation down and reduce the amount of melanin. Like other laser procedures, in this procedure as well, heat is used to target the affected area, without affecting or harming the outer layer of the skin.
After the melanin particles broken through lasers, they move into the bloodstream, which becomes their outlet to get removed from the body. Laser toning not only reduces dark spots, pigmentation and acne scars, it also helps enhance melanin metabolism. This essentially means that a good laser toning will help you get rid of the scars and spots, and also prevent newer ones from emerging.

FAQs on laser toning

  • Some areas of the skin may have excessive melanin or pigmentation, which shows as spots and scars. Laser toning uses low energy laser beams to target those areas and break the melanin down, hence reducing pigmentation and also promoting healthier skin.
  • Laser toning is effective if you have acne scars, pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, freckles, open pores, age spots and other blemishes.
  • Almost all people above the age of 18 are eligible to get a laser toning treatment done. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not get a laser treatment done.
  • Depending upon the body part, the dermatologist will advice you on the number of sessions required. Performed a lot on facial skin, the procedure takes around 4-6 sessions for the face. A single session lasts around 30 minutes.
  • The results are permanent is the marks and spots to be treated are not very dark. If the marks are dark, you can retain the results of the procedure by following a proper skincare routine after the treatment.
  • The side effects, experienced by some patients, are similar to those of any laser procedure, that is, inflammation of the skin, irritation, itching, redness. However, they do not last more than 3-4 days.